Tamara J. Ralis
A configuration of light, complex and beautiful.
All who are immanently involved,
(often they do not know of each other),
form one point of such a geometrical body.
Perception that each participant influences the other
via an attitude of definite alignment.

Hear the plea of the invisible ones
who fall and rise as lights
in the lost spaces of all that has been.
Swept from their landscapes, houses, bodies
afar every gate of return.

Lead them through the higher heart,
so they may fold and rest
in the seedstill chamber,
where messengers are distilled of pain -
and given the rod of passage.
Inside of what has not yet become,

leaned against arcades,

wait the unspoken ones, as space in space –

listening to the music on the call of their rays.
To uphold a plane that remains without a past.

It must be adjusted and tuned over and over again.

Suspension between a beginning and the shadow of experience.

View of the gliding forms at perception´s utmost horizon –

Points of light delineating the invisible land.
a murmuring, pulsating spirit
searches unwaveringly for people and events
to document inexplicable existence.
It draws impressions from the world into itself
to shift about and rearrange them
until they harmonize with the fabric
of its own unfathomable dream.